[Andrew’s] sculptures give aged and discarded metal new life and repurpose. [Andrew’s] sculptures are timeless. They relate to and bridge the past and the current, and point to the future.
— George Abraham, Collector
The curvilinear movements of his sculptures...offer a sense of a sustained, ongoing movement. Yet counter-balanced to this, is the mass of metal; regardless of dimension or form, the sense of weight and solidity form another element of sustainability. Materials that have had industrial uses form another element defining the human... Hellmund’s work, at this conjunction in our history, might in fact be forms of elegy.
— James McCorkle, Professor + Poet
His ability at a young age to not only create unique solid work but also to communicate with and exchange ideas with other experienced artists has been remarkable in our experience.
— Charlet Davenport, Sculpturefest Director

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Victoria BC + St. Peter Minnesota 2018-present


Poetic Space

Edmonton Era Sculpture 2014-2018


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Geneva, NY Era Sculpture 2013-2014