photo Credit: Alexandra Gusse


Andrew C. Hellmund, MFA is currently living and working in the greater Minneapolis, Minnesota area.  He recently completed a MFA under British Sculptor, Peter Hide.  A recent graduate of Hobart College, he strives to create sculpture from found and recycled metals that express a sense of hope, fluidity, and power, while fostering and  supporting community.  His most recent work focuses on movement influenced by Lindy Hop, Jazz, and Cubism.  The work is directly inspired by the Modernist sculptors of the 1970s, cubist sculpture, and works of Sir Anthony Caro and Peter Hide. His work also is strongly influenced by the surrounding community, including many mentors, friends, and other artists who, through their energy and willingness to share skills and time, have contributed to so much learning! 

His work can be found in collections from New England to British Columbia, while his public art can be found on school campuses and in college communities. Without community---learning and being an artist would not be as engaging or fruitful. It is by "standing on the shoulders of giants, that we are able to see further" (Sir Isaac Newton) as well as develop new art and ideas! The beauty of art is that everyone has something to share and in turn the artist with everyone. Every sculpture requires welding together pieces of metal without  being afraid to then cut them up, eliminate pieces or reassemble them in order to develop and explore new ideas.

My sense is that he has a voice—the range is both being expanded and refined. To walk into his studio is to sense work under way, and witness the excitement of discovery and reflection.
— James McCorkle, Poet | Geneva, New York

Andrew's sculpture across North America.